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Welcome to Notary Andreas Greger in Ingolstadt!

Our modern and friendly notary's office is located at Rathausplatz 3 in the heart of Ingolstadt.
Together with my experienced team I offer you a competent, individual and comprehensive service in all notarial issues.

On our homepage, you can get an overview of the many areas in which you can provide clarity by drawing up a notarial deed.

Feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!

Our philosophy and values


We serve as impartial counsel in complicated and far-reaching legal matters.

The notary shall maintain secrecy about all matters that become known to the notary and his employees in the course of his professional practice.

Notaries are pioneers when it comes to electronic legal transactions. Qualified electronic signatures with a notary attribute now carry the same level of trust as the notary's seal and signature.

The notarial deed is the epitome of legal certainty. The trust placed in it originates from the notaries' care and diligence.